Investigate your current state

Companies complete an assessment across key ESG topic areas within the application.

MyESG.Guru provides an assessment for each ESG topic to be completed by your business.

Assessments can be worked through by an individual or a team. Team collaboration can be an ideal way to raise awareness of ESG goals and responsibilities within your organization.

Get measured against our maturity model

Each completed assessment for each ESG topic generates a maturity score ranging from 0 (low) to 3 (high), providing a measurable baseline to enhance your approach into the future.

Each ESG topic is scored against our maturity model to reveal where improvements can be made.

Reach for the next level

Your on-call Chief Sustainability Officer provides targeted recommendations for each ESG topic to improve your overall ESG strategy.

MyESG.Guru provides recommendations to improve your maturity score in each ESG topic.
  • Next Steps provide a strategy to improve the maturity score for each topic
  • KPIs provides common metrics that are used to report on business performance within a topic
  • Responsibilities provide advice on which business functions should provide inputs and outputs for each topic

The recommendations are prioritized across topics to support your ESG strategy and management roadmap.

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